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Tareeq Al-Haq

Tareeq Al-Haq is a leader in contracting and trading in Iraq. It ranks among Basra’s top contractors.


Tareeq Al-Haq encompasses two business divisions: Contracting and Trading.

We have a professional business model with a range of accomplished projects on which we depend to achieve future successes.

Construction contracts
Mechanical contracts
Electrical Contracts

With a network of offices in Iraq and around the world, we provide services and products in the fields of civil, electrical, mechanical and air-conditioning engineering, along with fire systems.


Create a project through an oil (104) added to four wells squares rules.

Rehabilitation project in Majnon oil filed station.

Building of the Directorate of Education building Qurna district.

Building a medical clinic in the district of Qurna.

Building of large stores in the North Rumaila.

Rehabilitation of Turning Workshop at the Iraqi Drilling Company.


The Health and Safety Policy

The Health and Safety Policy, signed by Abdul Maliky, the Chief Executive
Officer of Tareeq Al-Haq Company, states that health and safety are key
priorities throughout the Company’s processes: from the transferring of
materials, to handling, to site jobs, to the final output services and products.
This policy is implemented across all of the companies, enterprises and
business units that together form Tareeq Al-Haq Company.